Monday, 23 July 2012


             I like to always say amongst us we have Leonardo’s, Galileo’s, Einstein’s, Taylors and it is no exaggeration. We can get there corrupt free with hard work, 1 person at a time.
    I wondered 1day If people only understood the process it takes for a syndicates of (barely educate) yahoo boys to scam a (perceivably intelligent) ex-marine or FBI agent off his life-long earnings, we won’t take for granted the manpower aspect of our countries ‘God given wealth’.
    Or the intelligence a girl takes to manipulate a man off his hard-earnings, the master-mix of manipulation, seduction, emotional blackmail and of course tears, there is only one school you learn it all from- the school of hard knocks. There is some good we can bring out of bad situations. If only they can be empowered, they won’t end up as half- baked graduates, teenage parents, drug barons or semi-literate traders there must be some way to empower these; skill +  logic +  talents + education + renewal of mind = Geniuses.
Let us stop making the wrongest things, from Aristoism, homosexuality, materialism, lust, Greed, dirtiness even laziness look right.
    Let us change our 'Naija no dey carry last' mentality because many times the last learns from the mistakes of the 1st & 2nd……… swiftness isn’t the same as smartness.
Let us stop being more western than the westerners and stop our ‘anywhere but home mentality’. The preachers of Hip-Hop culture live decent lives. Americans don’t live their everyday lives like you see on MTV & E. they aren’t all sick-thin and rich and yes, there are more slums there than you know. Hollywood isn’t America just like Nollywood isn’t Nigeria.
    The homosexual fad youngsters are experimenting with and flaunting in clubs and schools, it takes a lot to get out of your closet and say you are gay in America. In fact you will do well not to even claim it in certain states and around sympathizers of the BAHATI BILL. A lot of things our law pats in the hand, you can go to jail for (e.g. DUI’s, Tax evasion, Bigamy etc.)
    People describe themselves as hip and rocking after a culture of people whom they imitate. The bulk of whom have genetic fashion apathy (lol), they then have the guts to call others un-enlightened, razz, local just because they don’t share in your colonial mentality.
    We can develop the I PASS MY NEIGBHOUR mentality, investing much time showing off and painstakingly striving to the better the people around us. Many of us choose to live the amazing fake lives the media feeds us with like tutored gluttons. We outdo each other from the schools we send our kids, the cars we drive, the homes we live nothing is taken into consideration but the bid to outshine our peers.
    Like all things, we buy phones for ‘class’ rather than ‘features’ like we always do; jump on the next best thing. We want to be the first to own it. We want everything inclusive and exclusive which isn’t necessarily bad but trust us to abuse good things.  This is also evident in our music, fashion, social life and even social networking. Like if you are Hip and current you would be on twitter not on face book. Are you kidding me! , One man even said he couldn’t believe a rich man was using a particular GSM network!!!
    The latest fad, blackberry, is not a statement of class, much more than chat, face book, twitter or browser. It’s your bank, work presentation, your novel or textbook, map, translator, bible etc. it isn’t pricey to massage your ego. Before upgrading to the latest version note that if your income doesn’t tolerate it, work doesn’t demand it’s not wise to change your device every time there’s a new version because mobile technology becomes obsolete every 6 months. 
    Let’s learn to create and not just consume. Young folks like you and I design these devices, their Apps, themes, E-books, social networks, viruses and anti-viruses. Let make our own millions from these rather than download, upgrade, renew. Let's design city- guides’, our own social network, and e-telephone directory etc. If we already do have them, then having more than one will be an icing on the cake. Stop drooling over the sleekness of the latest gadgets designed by teenagers.  
    Let’s be careful how we portray ourselves to the rest of the world, let praise ourselves (rather than pull ourselves down) if no one will praise us. Overall let’s learn how to criticize secretly and praise openly.
    We don’t fight corruption by speaking English everyday on the pages of newspaper; we fight it in our actions daily. By using the revolution of our minds to liberate the black mans’ esteem and status, if we claim to be the giants let’s start from here. Yes, government would need to play its role but let’s see if after we do ours half our problems won’t be solved. It takes time and investment but that’s what it is-an investment. It’s a scientific fact that young blood rejuvenates the brain lets pursue enlightenment , since its only through books we have inter course with great minds and tap into the beauty of their soul, let the old not go to the grave with their wisdom and the young renew our culture of learning.
    My last words are, the youth aren’t bad, they are as good as they were trained!

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