Monday, 23 July 2012


  Recently I read about the Nazi politics and I couldn’t help but marvel at how history keeps repeating itself. The only difference is they based enmity on blood, since we share one blood (if you doubt that is a topic for another day) we choose to base our common enemy on tribe and religion. Since offence is the best defense some may get offended at such comparison but give it a moment, look inwards and realize that Anti-semantics and tribalism all start mildly  before blowing to disturbing proportions.
  1st we have the NUREMBERG laws prohibiting Jews from marrying or procreating with ARYANS (i.e. German Blood). However ours come in mild-cases were inter-tribal marriage are mostly frowned upon but inter-racial ones are perceived as racial hygiene. I remember reading how most Jews fled troubled countries in Europe at the time had low populations of death i.e. Denmark, France and Italy. However Albania was the only country occupied by Nazi’s that had a higher Jewish population in 1945 than 1939. Refugees and Jewish native where treated as honored guest, in a country whose population was roughly 60% Muslim the so-called ‘PAGAN” Japan acted similarly. The pagans in Shanghai ghetto disguised scores of Jews. That’s not all… In Nazi holocaust parish’s contributed to the massacre by supplying information on the Jews with their birth record to show who was Jewish and who wasn’t and still that’s not all, for those of us who are even intolerant of other sects in our religions only  because we share divergent views and believes Jehovah witnesses were massacred in their thousands for refusing to pay allegiance to the Nazi’s, I would like to see how many overzealous religious bigots die for what they believe (not brain washed) in ………….
My point is this, in perilous times the so-called people we don’t share ideals, beliefs, religions; may see infidels and unbelievers as human 1st and that these apply to all religions
And I’m still not done……..
   Social Darwinism declares some people biologically valuable than others. It convinces people to save money to cure the curable rather than spend maintaining the incurables.
Of course we haven’t gotten to the point of EUGENICS but utter neglect of the incurably sick/biologically invaluable, paralyzed, all terminal Neurological conditions tell us a lot how much we value the lives of people who just aren’t as privileged.
Many of us will reject in Jesus name procreating with a cripple, blind, albino just because we call them invalids we even believe children born from abnormal chromosomes are a curse that is why a mother will dump her offspring by the roadside out of shame.
  I’ve met a few people who can stand albinos. We say they stink, their complexion irritates us or their blue-eyes are scary some say they are spirits, in many countries they are used for rituals/medicinal purpose. Yet we condemn white folks for calling us “dirty black monkeys”! It’s okay for prisoners to rot in prison, since that’s what they are 'criminals' they can spend donkey years behind bars in the most inhuman and unhygienic conditions still they are yet to be convicted by a court of law- many of them.
You see how easy many of us could have been convinced to turn these groups of people to lab-rats like many Jewish children in the concentration camp were…our individual and collective mild cases of social Darwinism.
 It’s easy to forget that the beauty of life lays in our variation, in our differences. I can’t imagine a world where everyone is chaste, good, beautiful and jovial. Our creator in all his wisdom gave us free-will; hence since we are not born equal let us strive to give people equal opportunities.

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