Thursday, 26 July 2012

Article: CHEATING vs. COMMITMENT by xoxo

OMG! LaLa grow up! I read your whole write up and buhahahahahahahahahha!!!!

Your point in summary is? Excuse me….. Buhahahaha. I can’t stop laughing.

I always tell men like you who love to play because you aren’t grown enough to throwaway old toys. It takes the typical ages to grow. What you are saying is we chicks have to live with your less-functionally-useful women who are willing to stay as free agents so as not to make ourselves look bad and it’s okay if your time is spent primarily with women that enjoy your company and want you to enjoy theirs and your chick has to live with that because you are a seemingly great guy with/and awesome relationships. Ego trips!

Cheapskates look for reasons to persuade women to accept a lesser deal cos they don’t want to part with half their worth. LaLa that I know, you won’t be worth much afterwards would you? ROTFL. You are the type that would manipulate your significant other to stay in a marriage only because you don’t want to pay alimony….*rolls eyes*the same way you spot ‘the one’ is d same way we know if we are/we arent going let you hit it but withhold it from you. So why are you tripping?

I’m not one of those women who condemn the free-agents because am not ignorant of the lying devices men like you put out for these women to let you hit it without making themselves look ‘loose’ for giving it up. Lines like “I haven’t had sex with her in months”, “If only I met you first”, “It’s not working out between us”,"we are not married" etc. some jerks even go as far as denying their own kids “Oo! He’s not mine!” But you go on to claim we women lack commitment only because we edit stories to massage your egos.

You talk about investing in your girlfriends like we are some kind of commodity stocks. We receive gifts the way you receive those asses you gladly hit! And asking for gifts back like premature simpletons...OMG! That's so kindergarten. If you think expensive gifts is equivalent to/will get you to tap my azz then it’s flattering to know my azz is worth it. You have no game if your sorry azz drives me about like a silly pizza guy with nothing but hope to eventually hit it. That is an all-time low!!!
 Since guys say anything they want to hit it then women can do anything we want to outsmart dudes like you. Smart women don’t wait for their men; they open more baskets and spread their eggs. Device or invent any derogatory terms you wish real chicks refuse to be bothered.

Another thing is the fallacy insecure BOYFRIENDS embrace; the belief that with wads of cash they can HAVE (yeah), KEEP (probably not) an 8/10 chick. She would defo keep you in the friend zone or relegate you to the friend zone as soon as she finds a better option; here are some things that MAY help get you out of the friends zone, not that I’m saying you stand a chance :-o

#1 Ya’ll need to augment your talking skills and your lines are just so lame. Talking with most of you is like talking to a baby, no, the wall, no, the pretty red shoes that started all these. (Lala are you sure you aren’t hurting because you can’t afford it…LMAOROTFL). It doesn't even make sense. Guys like you claim to want smart chicks we know it's just to complement their plain dumbness/Blankness (lol). Work on the I want to date you/marry you line just because you need to hit it, its getting rather stale and to the many ‘Mr. (s)’ They mean nothing to us, because we mean nothing to them plain and simple, their function is just to pass time and perform their use while they last....if you claim you can’t have rice all the time we can’t cope with the same sorry asses all the time either!

#2 Some guys will romp just about anything. Guys won’t be friends with women they don’t want to hit. Guys will hook up with women that they detest as human beings just because they want to hit it.  I remember listening to a guy say a chic was so ugly he had to cover her face with the pillow to romp her… listen to yourself does the statement even make sense? You cover a girl’s face with a pillow and still insert the P into the would sleep with a dog if u can cover its face with a pillow, men suck big time on that one.

#3 To the sulking guys “persistently” chilling in the friend zone… sound so petty and needy you are way worse than the many broke asses that can’t even pay their caab fare home and looking for women to pay their asses. You are worse than cell phones cos u stay in the pocket longer than necessary. I don’t get do you figure out when each woman is available and distribute your time evenly? lol, All this trouble just to hit-it, now that is so so pathetic.

#4 The sorry ones are those dudes who get angry when their side chicks have a side kick, does it even make any sense are you feeling used, angry, played or are you just plain dumb?

 I'm glad though you mentioned 'tame a dog' it’s good to know guys finally admit to be dogs. Blank stare, Blank conversations,Blank expressions, Blank brains. I'm sorry but if I've to separate cheating from commitment I need to separate me from timewasters.

Lastly, LaLa smart women don't throw good men away. We throwaway ridiculously annoying morbidly insecure men who refused to grow and there is exactly why you won't leave my friend zone!


  1. " You cover a girl’s face with a pillow and still insert the P into the V...".
    "You have no game if your sorry azz drives me about like a silly pizza guy with nothing but hope to eventually hit it."
    I actualy laughed out guys are awesome.funny but true.keep 'em coming.

  2. Xoxo is just a stereotypical woman who has answers to everything LaLa said. She's childish if you ask me and yes I'm a guy!

  3. @anon 19:32 you are just being a typical naija guy what she said isn't rocket science na
    Abeg make lala rest xoxo says if u can hit every booty then I cn collect every gift
    Girl power!!!
    *slams door*

  4. 'You have no game if your sorry azz drives me about like a silly pizza guy with nothing but hope to eventually hit it.'

    'You cover a girl’s face with a pillow and still insert the P into the V...'

    It doesn't get any funnier than this.
    Funny but true.Interesting blog.

  5. Your blog is fun,and your use of english is amazing.
    Can i know your twitter handle?or email would love to be a part of your team.
    put your blog out there it has lots of potential.
    There arent many lifestyle and art blogs in this part so its refreshing to see something different from the typical gossip.
    Itching to read LaLas reply.

  6. interestn rily. real.

  7. Thank you guys.
    @Anonymous27 July 2012 05:44
    My twitter handle is @filigeesthots but I'm still a twitter novice tho but ild be glad to follow back.
    I've added my email to my profile.
    Thank you again.