Thursday, 26 July 2012

Article: CHEATING vs. COMMITMENT by lala

Cheating doesn’t make a man any less committed to you, the media and literature have brainwashed women into believing commitment and fidelity are one and the same thing. Women need to get down from their high-handedness, expectations and ideas of what an ideal man is because such a person may not just exists…….. Stop waiting for the guy to drop from the moon because every day you may be walking past him. Women have further complicated issues by overrating infidelity as cheating and now we don’t even know if to classify cheating as a noun, verb or Pro-'verb'...LMAO

In the days of old cheating wasn’t cheating till the P gets into the V or A or M, likewise the V goes into the P or M. these days tough cheating can also be the P into the M or A like F/M goes into to the V-note all this as a verb

But these days cheating is sexting, calling, glanceting, pingting, all dimensions technology has brought into the game………, we now have :

*TIME ORIENTED CHEATING: i.e. short term/ long term, 3 times, 1 week, 1 night stands etc.

*IDEALIST ORIENTED CHEATING:  i.e. flings, rationality, morality, reality etc.

*MATHEMATICAL ORIENTED CHEATING: i.e. 20% (before V meets P), 50% (when V meets P), 100% (when P is done with V) and vice versa.

So sweethearts when they say life is a b***h, go out kick asses, they don’t mean it literally no one asked you to be a b***h that way and forget how to be ladies by beating up the other free agents you find with your man, it makes you look bad and makes us feel realy good.

However some relationships (and sadly marriages too) are jokes that will eventually get really expensive.
There are lots of guys who are sleeping with just 1 chick and are willing to dump them the moment they come across someone better meanwhile a lot of dudes have girlfriends and hook up with a lot of chicks on the regular and have no, and I repeat no intentions whatsoever to dump their girlfriends……now that is commitment women don’t get it twisted!

If a dude will dump you for another chick because he had sex with her then you never had much of a relationship to begin with and that should be a major source of worry rather than who he is calling,pinging,texting!

We guys know there is no such thing as a single lady…..hell no! There are no single ladies in the true sense of the word; women receive gifts from men everyday despite being in a relationship but still claim to be totally committed to their boyfriends. They hang out with guys who take them out on dates and expensive dinners when it’s payback time they begin to feign ignorance. Now who is realy not commited?

Every single lady out there has their  driver (who pretends to love their company),the call-guy (dude they call anytime their boyfriends hurt them/or they get stood up/disappointed on a date), the to-go guy(dude they call anytime they are bored and want to hangout),the rebound guy (we all know what that means),the Mr. fix-it (fills every other blank uses) and we dudes aren’t stupid we just hang in there still persistent just waiting to leave the friend zone….sometimes we get lucky, sometimes we don’t. sometimes it gets even better we become friends that come with benefits but at some point this same chicks now expect us to leave our present chick(s) for them, like are you for real?????

Take xoxo’s rants in the last posts for instance, I’ve been on her case since time immemorial, being the Mr. nice guy, Mr. Call-guy, Mr. Fix-it,the to-go guy but she keeps me in the friend zone then some dude comes from nowhere takes her on a couple of dates and DANG! she becomes paranoid ‘he wants to tap it!’. #1 the gifts don't come free babe,there is nothing free even in freetown. #2 she won’t admit she’s attracted to the guy only because she can’t have him…because she knows he only wants to hit it, but somehow her mind harbors the thought of taming the dog. Somehow every woman wants to take credit for taming a bad-boy. You don’t tame a bad boy he chooses to be tamed. #3 You got to give it to the Dude he's game is on Point.

It’s just like Kim Kardashian (or any other hot chic for that matter) can’t tell me while she was with her ex-hussy/bfs for example she didn’t go out on dates, receive gifts from men she knew she had no intention of dating but we don’t see that part on TV it’s the same way we boyfriends never hear that part of our girlfriends lives, even when they narrate how their days go that part is definately edited...we don’t see it,hear about it, but somehow we know it’s there.

My point is regardless of what a man does outside most men still remain committed to their girlfriends/wives emotionally mentally spiritually etc. smart women know this and would never throwaway a great guy and/or a wonderful relationship just because her man strays how women know if a man is committed to them isn’t rocket science, you just know it. Its biologically impossible for we men to commit to more than one woman at the same time, commitments are personal feelings not agreements…it’s like marriage we just know when we find ‘the one’.

So dear women watch less grey's anatomy and think more realism. And dear xoxo please return those shoes they aren’t yours for keeps.


  1. So on point...hahaha I LMBO over and couldn't have said it any better.
    Loved the part '. And dear xoxo please return those shoes they aren’t yours for keeps.'LMAO can't still get over that.
    Love your blog!

  2. You are a sorry case of a brother so you are encouraging men to play awa matches and women should fold their arms because he is commited to me!
    That is the problem with you naija men,always expecting to eat your cake and have it.
    Did xoxo put a gun on his head before he carried his money to buy her nice things.Now he wants them back when he knows most of them are edible trying to put her in a tight corner.
    That's isn't game that is just stupid.
    Men don't do anything nice for any reason.

  3. =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) hillarious but truthful article.In as much as I find it immature when guys ask for gifts back,women need to be less greedy and conscious of how they receive gifts from men.I'm sorry but I totally agree with LaLa,and women world over know themselves that there is no such thing as a single woman.
    I like how you categorized the men,nice blog!

  4. Excuse me...where you live at?who the heck told you every woman got a man who does this or that for her?oh i guess you in africa cos thats the only place i know where women do that.I work and buy my own things,why should i expect a man im not dating to buy me things for?or drive me around??..(the first time in my life i saw an african friend do this tho,it broke my heart how she treated the guy.She just came from africa and that how they do it plus thats all she knew so i dont blame her i guess)oh if thats what you call being committed then your wife/gf better be ready for the HIV or every other kind of diseases you be bringing with the way any woman who accepts being treated in such a manner dont have no self esteem.A woman who respects herself will know better to date a man with intergrity.Damn african men cant really believe this is how you treat a woman for real?LOL.poor women who have to date such men.smh

  5. welll said. real.

  6. Thank u! Its all in Africa! Am a Nigerian but such impunity can't be tolerated. Its either you are with me or you go and take a piss! There's no room for lay abouts......there are cheap men as well as we have cheap women.

  7. So true. Laffing my arse off. And yes am a girl.