Monday, 23 July 2012


I won’t die for Nigeria and every day I question what the country has done for me as a youth and citizen till 1 day an incident happened that made me question my belief as day in day out I see Nigerians bring more pain to Nigeria than even Non-Nigerians. Before you earn the right to ask what the country has done for you, consider all the pains we bring her individually and collectively, everyday.
   It is said an active mind creates wealth and good health. Let’s get our mind busy and bless the world, let’s quit the ‘Giant of African mentality’ and get our hands dirty with hard work rejecting our false sense of superiority which is a form of inferiority complex by itself. Ignorance, superstition, paranoia and Bias have changed many otherwise ‘intelligent folks’……….. That’s why even the smartest amongst us will forward messages about a killer number……”I don’t believe, but we can’t say…..” starts all the messages. It happened once, twice and the recent one being the 3rd time shows that as a people we live in myopic and continuous fear………
    If you live in the ghetto you are disturbed by more noise-pollution from religious houses than any other place. At 12 am, every midnight a neighbor comes by window side to clap, sing et al after a while I had had enough ‘sleepless night and study less days' I had to put an end to it………… I got the dissing of my life and yep you guessed he called me a witch and source of his problems. Let me quickly add he lives in a cubicle with a wife, son, sister and new born, may I also add sound asleep away from the 12 am noise. Why a jobless man has so many mouths to feed yet blames his enemies beats me, to every man his belief though. Many a time our problem is nothing but lack of common sense. 
   If we will rather turn our thoughts to thirst for knowledge, guns to the barracks, take our machetes to the farm and use our tongue to pray (not by our neighbor’s window, lol), Nigerian/African as a whole would solve most of its fundamental problems. We use these great things for all the wrong reasons. Through so many ups and down the purpose of this write up is to inspire, motivate greatness put all hands on desk not to use the opportunity to use all to get himself out but use everyone to give everyone equal opportunity to get out.  ‘Let the learned use the unlearned for the good of all because there is power in our number’.


  1. You got me thinking. We need to grow up... really. Keep it coming tackytots. The top is where you truly belong. Cheers.

    Ufi Uzono

  2. Prayer will help u stay STD free,don't use a condom!! Lol