Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Scribbles: RANDOM THOUGHTS By Lala

            She likes me. She likes me not. She…. On i go childishly excited like a kid who just got his/her first bike about a certain girl I’m interested in. Oddly, i chose to delay myself the pleasure of an introduction and took my time to digest her countenance. A few days later, she finally confessed on a second date that she liked me and would be willing to hold hands with me in public. Hold up. "Hold hands in public" I like the sound of that. Although its not the first time a girl has asked me out, but with those exact words that was the first and as a very bad sharp guy i easily could read between the lines. So you go figure. 

            As much as i hate to blow my trumpet (my own trumpet o) i must say i am that cool. Cant stop wondering why xoxo can't see that or on the other hand i should just probably get her a pair of glasses which right about now might serve my purpose more than edibles. Just a thought. 

            Anyways when a girl likes a guy and tells him, then she's being a guy by acting on an impulse which could be seen as a reflex action that might ruin her personality maybe by presenting her as cheap or as its often called in my circle- ‘that farm instrument’. Furthermore, she can become a very likely candidate for ridicule in a round table conversation over a couple of sips and puffs. Not that it matters if the table is not round, its a guy thing not gossip. Let me spell it out for you; girls gossip while we guys simply update.

 Truthfully i emphasize the 'might cause her P damages' because its only a possibility and my assumptions can be all they are actually worth; just assumptions. 

           Today, we call such bold ladies tomboys. Not for the obvious reason that they cross dress (because they might not) but mainly because they possess a boldness common to the male gender. For most guys it may seem that she has just lowered her value and automatically she's considered an easy target. I would too and with good reason at the risk of not being different from other guys out there. Besides am not afraid of being a regular guy especially when i say that she's welcome to lala's turf (evil grin). 

            For me, the female approach takes the mystery or the excitement of a 'chase and conquer' out the whole situation could be without challenge. Boring. You know how they say you don't appreciate what you get for cheap, i can't think of a better situation where such seemingly sagacious phrase applies perfectly. Its like hoping to catch a romantic movie with someone special only for the movie to be totally void of sex. How romantic. Rather, how disappointing. 

             Its with bold interest that we guys take pleasure in discussing our conquest. Most call it kiss and tell while i, personally, call it playing catch-up. The simple picture is a bunch of guys, having sips, in a serene environment with lots of pretty distractions. Of course we could talk about politics, the economy, business etc but the obvious fact remains that when we have discussions about women even the dumbest guys have a few words to share thus making it a very interesting topic. A lady would perceive guys playing "catch-up" as being stupid and intentional. Rationally, i can't say playing such a game is wise but i definitely think its natural. Sue me.


  1. yes o. guys update n females gossip. wisely separated.

    1. I agree.Like the terms:update & gossip.

  2. cant slp so am reading ur blogs over n over again. wsh i cld meet wt u in person. interesting stuff. keep it up baus

  3. Quit dis distractions n discuss ur true feelings for xoxo. Common.

  4. With all due respect,I have a pice of advice for you.. "Never u trust a girl who keeps her eyes open while u kiss her".

  5. Thank you for your comment in my blog.