Friday, 10 August 2012

Scribbles: A TRIP TO LALALAND by LaLa

I'm sitting by a chair on a table, I'm sitting on a chair at a table, I'm sitting on a chair with a table, etc. What you are witnessing is a series of random thoughts going through critical evaluation in order to determine which phrase best suites my thought by explaining my situation without the slightest hint of ambiguity. Nevertheless, how precise can anyone be in a world full of contradictions and/or distractions. i apologize and with shame [as much shame as i felt the first time i slept with my friend's sister- none] suggest that you pardon my manners and also believe in my newly found resolve as i graciously say "welcome to lala land".

      What is lala land? is it a joke? haha, I'm laughing already and please do feel free to laugh along with me only if you've got a complete set of teeth. lala land? is it a myth? i wish. a fantasy? maybe. a reality? definitely! what is this reality? lala land is a reality [though unreal] and seeks to strike a balance between whats real and whats ideal. or at least combine both concepts appropriately to emanate a conviction about life.

      What is life? life is love [oh xo]. Is that right? or as i often do not like to hear; life is beautiful. Not with so much prevalent ugliness in persons and personalities and its eating deep and fast into the very fibers that form the structures of our today. in other words, ugliness has become a trend. life, like school or schooling can only be defined via experience. It is something you go through and only those who've "been there and done that" so to speak can in retrospect have a say i.e express their views, thoughts, concepts, etc and in their own words too. basically if you want to define school, ask a graduate and if its life you seek to define, ask the dead. O_o Better yet, you could die and find out which will amuse me no more than a professor whom after making a profound statement, asks  a blind man if he 'sees' the point.

      At a party the other day [house party- my favorite] with the unusually loud music and trash conducts people engage in after too much sips and puffs on the grass, myself included, i met a girl i liked or thought i did. Noticing she was tipsy, i heroically urged her on to the front porch and sat on a chair far away from the noise and frenzy going on in the house so i could concentrate on the noise starting in my own head as i stare at this beauty [remembers xo… then snaps back to reality]. we got chatty, specifically about the party- the people, the drinks, the fun, the gifts and went on to play a game of truth or dare.

       To whom do i owe this pleasure? do i thank GOD for creating alcohol or thank him for creating those geniuses that created it. Consciously, i let my eyes travel every nook and cranny of this flowers anatomy and i couldn't help but think to myself that she had more 'curves' than a bad road. lean towards her for a kiss i told myself. lean one, two and thr… and just as i was about to gather courage [as if it were pieces to be put together] she woke me up as she said and i quote: i like gifts, especially edibles. sounds familiar? suddenly realizing that she'd been doing the talking she questioned; what do you do? "gifts"  "edibles", these two words seemingly took over my mind like a  virus and without a second thought, first thought or any thought at all i replied; I'm a pilot. sounds familiar! (•͡_ •͡

         Even if i can't fly (though the grass makes me believe I can), i was definitely looking fly i thought to myself the following morning when i woke up on the same porch but on the floor now and found a paper neatly folded into my shirt pocket. it had a name and a number.

          I can't  say that i know where the truth begins. but i do know it ends where the lies start. so much for 'real' and 'ideal'. i have definitely got my fingers crossed.


  1. lala land is equal to dream/reality land.

  2. thomas dare-abel16 August 2012 at 07:26

    hmmmm i damn understand dz so well,should i say experince .i dont know o lol

  3. pilot or airplane. the plot gets thicker. real