Monday, 13 August 2012

Scribbles: RE: BACK TO MY BASICS by xoxo

Lala already I'm driving you crazy? Just wait till i get my license. You are saying i throw my self around like..., while i hoard my heart like a... (•͡˘˛˘ •͡) Lala control your emotions. I don't owe you an explanation but i will explain because this isn't a personal note to you.

 Since the days of king Solomon, i doubt if  he was a broke ass he would have 1000 concubines who were comfortable enough to share their man through and through.

 Guys with Benjamin always have an edge with beautiful women. Work your butts off and stop whining it’s not rocket science it’s reality! I won't even pretend there isn’t a spark when a power dresser,smooth talker who saves me from the rain gives me a CL and i don't care of he is another pilot. When i meet him according to LaLa I'm to ask myself if I'm acting like a woman of easy virtue or if my fathers entire life savings can save up to buy me CL's or the materials of the shoe is detrimental to the earths existence-like duh! who cares?(ᵕ.ᵕ)

 It would be a sin not to eat from that humble pie and though i know my pretty cat eyes are lies i wont mind being lied to to make that ride to heaven and then back. The gifts are not a compulsion but a necessity like a great cake with pretty icing crystals. I forgive you even though you conveniently exempted the part of you choking with guilt since you helped devour the bounties like a tutored glutton.

 It’s like the popular saying 'I can't taste my lips, someone has to do it for me' Am i to rock my bed when someone else can do it for me? I’mnot trying to give you a situation report like 'hi lala so yesterday another guy saved me from the rain and offered me edibles and 1 i couldn't eat and i said no. So now that I'm your ideal woman where is my candy bar?' O_o Since it got popped my cherry can't be re-popped! I don't know of any medals women win for longest time to lock up shop and I'm certainly the wrongest contender for such a Honor. I'm not going to sulk to your misery needs company self. I'm 1 woman who follows her natural, instinctive impulses. I liked the guy, we had something. I got bored, i moved on- like duh! keep yourself under the hot sun till your crushes for me melt. Cos you and I can never happen, never was, never will.*tongues out*

 There were no emotional commitments with pilot and don't misquote me i don't detest him as a person hence your 'sleeping with an enemy' talk doesn't hold water. I think I was bored and somehow i'm glad, the side chick role he wanted me to fit in perfectly, after i conquer the main chick, some other woman would play that side chick role with me and then the cycle continues. Yes i beef his cosmopolitan beauty for letting her win and i coming a distant second, maybe i beef her gross for being so pretty, however in the long run she's the net loser!(Now that is just pure beef xo...LoL) okay yes that's some cheap consolation but truth is that drama was becoming an endless soap like that Paloma and Diego story i beefed that chick she was always feeling like the finest woman in Mexico #Bleh and i hate those Mexican soaps BTW. I don't do soaps I do drama. Okay the actual truth is he rammed me from behind in a way i felt was equivalent to covering my face with the pillow. And that was why my walk of shame was really shameful cos it came with lotsa pain. (>_<) #dead

 I'm not a 'who is going to buy the cow when the milk is free woman' cos those cows need regular milking. I'm more of a 'kiss frogs till i meet charming kinda woman', and believe me i sure have kissed some really fugly frogs. Like seriously, some frogs that are the U in ugly- LOL.

 I would stop LaLa by reminding you that this is 2012,  i make my decisions for work, education and financial independence, i vote and can be voted for, But I've my thumb in my mouth enough to depend on you to define when it is okay to copulate and with whom to copulate with because i don’t want you and your friends to call me 'that farm instrument' over bottles of cold beer, 'Okay lala i’m on my 3rd date,we kissed last week is it okay to... Now?' Or I'm supposed to look pretty and sit pretty till I'm 'lucky' enough to find a fine gentleman who would make a good woman out of a maiden? Is that the entirety of the job description, get it popped then zip-it till i get some lucky dude to take me then we live happily ever after? Is that the end of your fairy tale?  Is who i'm shagging defining me or does who I'm not shagging determine the quality of husband i end up with??

 If charmings aren't dogs and live happily ever after with their princesses why are they chasing maidens about town? Then you come up with the perfect cheating vs. Commitment excuse to not throw a good man away because of his perfect blunders (like Duh! they are like deflated tyres utterly useless) but I'm to sit pretty and zip-up because I'm like his property or personal commodity stock who he invests pretty nice shoes in. Honestly i wont mind my conquistadors stooping to conquer me, and I definitely won't mind being a personal property if i’m tastefully furnished though...(•͡.̮ •͡ ) LOL

 Move on LaLa there is no story here i’ve no shame live with it.

*CL- Christian Louboutin
*BTW- By The Way


  1. For a moment i though CL was a
    Still love u babes you r down to earth and real...

    1. Good write up.
      U must really b out of the league of faithful nuns, am sure lala meant well. The rareness of a gem makes it priceless ... am sure u understand Filigee.

  2. Lala go get one of the Aba made *CL's get her drunk and I'm sure u'd score and she'll hate after!!

  3. Humour with attitude...nice.
    Crazy xoxo!!!

  4. 'Move on LaLa there is no story here i’ve no shame live with it.'
    Crazy man!you just killed me,i can't stop laughing.Just came across your blog.
    Nice 1

  5. Lol,i absolutely love and concur!

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  8. Dear writer,
    Your imagination is cray.

  9. Love love love your blog,where have you been hiding?lol